Messiah Lutheran Church

God’s Word is shared and God’s people grow in their faith through bible study.  Each study is designed to be biblical, engaging, relevant, and informative.  Each lesson is shared using a study guide,  PowerPoint/video presentation, discussion, and application to your life.  Sessions are designed to touch the mind and heart so that we are not only hearers of the Word, but also doers of it. (James 1:22)

Sunday Morning Bible Class

Rebuilding Your Inner World- Benjamin Windle


This series begins on Sunday, March 17th

In this compelling five-part video series, Benjamin Windle traces the life of Elijah through a raw conversation on the battles we all face. Despite dazzling public success, Elijah battles fear, isolation, anxiety, and depression. At the height of his career, Elijah’s inner turmoil threatens to take him down…until God guides him through a process of rebuilding. If you’re experiencing burnout, drastic transition, or personal reinvention, God can rebuild you from within – healthier, stronger, and whole. Your future is bright.

Staff Minister Phil Boileau leads the study.  Phil has been making presentations and leading Bible studies for years and enjoys the opportunity to share God’s Word using his experiences and insights.